Nitrogen generator failure problem

Under normal circumstances, there are some problems with nitrogen production opportunities as follows: 1) The air filter, freeze dryer, and air storage tank are not drained normally. 2) The freeze dryer is not refrigerating and no personnel find out in time. 3) There is no activated carbon degreaser at the front of the nitrogen generator. 4) A large number of black particles are ejected from the muffler of the nitrogen generator. 5) Some pneumatic valves are damaged.

Application of Nitrogen in Acid Fracturing

Foam acid acidification process is a new type of acidification stimulation technology that is effective for low permeability, low pressure, and water-sensitive formations. Foaming agent and foam stabilizer are added to the conventional acid system, and the foam generator is mixed with nitrogen to form a foam system. At the same time, it has both foam fluid properties and acidification ability. It is especially suitable for multi-layer heterogeneous oil layer acidification, low pressure and low pressure. Acidification of permeating wells and repeated acidification of old wells.

Application of Nitrogen in Vacuum Heat Treatment

Vacuum heat treatment (shell and tube heat exchanger) is a relatively advanced heat treatment method being adopted at home and abroad. In vacuum heat treatment, the use of nitrogen is often inseparable. For example, when steel parts are heated in a vacuum furnace, if the vacuum degree is too high, in order to prevent the volatilization of alloy elements in the workpiece material, it is necessary to refill the furnace with an appropriate amount of nitrogen to lift the pressure of the trace gas in the furnace.
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